Disc Attack Robin :: Robin Week

Yesterday we looked at Mattel's 'evergreen' Batman toyline's 4" Tech Glider Robin - today we take a look at the 6" scale predecessor line's Disc Attack Robin.

This Robin was the second to be released in the 6" line. It is obviously based on the Arkham City video game Robin, which makes this guy Tim Drake in disguise.

Mostly the same sculpt as the 6" Strike Shield Robin, Disc Attack Robin has a unique head sculpt that includes a non-removable hood.

Robin also has a plastic cape, which was an interesting choice as Strike Shield Robin had a cloth cape. This plastic cape is easily wrinkled/crinkled and probably wouldn't stand up long to kid's play.

Disc Attack Robin, as his name implies, came with a disc-launcher accessory. It is pretty lame so I didn't bother to photograph it. Disc Attack Robin came out at the end of the 6" line, so he was a little tough to find at retail. I'm glad I did, because even though I lament not getting Strike Shield Robin, between the two Robins released in this line Disc Attack Robin is the better Robin in my humble opinion.


  1. I'm a bigger fan of Disco Attack Robin. He's from the Dark Night Fever collection, in case you're wondering.

    1. There have been enough Robins to make a whole Village People tribute band.