Sheng Yuan BootLEGO Red Robin :: Robin Week

The primary reason I nabbed the most recent batch of Sheng Yuan bootLEGO minifigures was in order to get my hands on this Red Robin minifigure!

Red Robin first appeared in the background of the Kingdom Come storyline, and was an older Dick Grayson operating in a future of out-of-control younger superheroes. Eventually Tim Drake took on the Red Robin costume and codename in modern comicbook continuity to differentiate himself from Damian Wayne's Robin.

LEGO has not made an official Red Robin minifigure, and I can't imagine that they ever will. Thus far this minifigure is a Sheng Yuan exclusive. And a really cool one at that!

Red Robin comes with two bo staffs. He also came with a stand and a little 'symbol' build (not pictured.) Sheng Yuan continues to hit these things out of the park with character selection you will likely never see from LEGO themselves and quality that approaches LEGO level. Not to mention prices at pennies on the dollar!

Red Robin: YUM! indeed!

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