Holy Second Banana, Batman: It's Robin Week!

It's Robin Week here at Toyriffic!


I suppose it is timely. The Flying Graysons (most notably John and Mary, Dick Grayson's parents) made their television debut on Gotham last week.

And of course Damian Wayne is back - alive and well (and super-powered) - in the pages of Batman and Robin.

It is also rumored (but not officially reported yet) that Jena Malone will be playing Carrie Kelley in the upcoming Batman V Superman movie.

But mostly it's because I like Robin, and have a backlog of Robins to post, and...hey, I don't have to explain myself to you people!

So anyways, today's Robin is Damian Wayne pre-death-and-resurrection. In LEGO form:

This Damian Wayne LEGO minifigure is part of the LEGO Joker's Steamroller (set number 76013) that also includes LEGO Batgirl.

Thus far this LEGO minifigure is the only Damian Wayne Robin I have in my collection. Damian has mostly only appeared in toy form to date in DC Collectible action figure lines, so it was nice to get him in an official LEGO set. I'm not sure how much his death slowed down his merchandising, but I expect now that he's back as a member of the living there will be more mass market representations of him in toy form.

Stay tuned for more Robins all this week!

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