Playmobil Michonne From The Walking Dead

One of my personal favorite Playmobil custom figures I've put together is Michonne from The Walking Dead. Using a hair piece from a Fi?ures Series 6 pirate and the rest of the parts from a Series 6 zookeeper, I think the likeness is pretty good for a Playmobil custom.

Sadly I don't yet have a Playmobil katana. So in it's place I have been forced to use a pirate cutlass.

Someday I'll track down a legit katana. Until then Michonne will have to fend off the Walking Playmobil Dead with whatever we have on hand.


  1. What figure has the katana? Was there ever a ninja in the blind-bag series. I probably have one around here.

    1. There was a blind bagged ninja and a blind bagged samurai in series five. The ninja katana is silver so preferable to the gold one of the samurai, but either is better than a cutlass!

      LMK if you have one, maybe we can work out a trade or something :)

  2. I'm still keeping my eyes out for the pieces you need. It's a veritable Playmobil desert around here.

  3. Nicely done Eric she looks awesome!