LEGO Batzarro Minifigure

I recently picked up a copy of the LEGO: DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro League movie on DVD, and it came with this exclusive Batzarro minifigure!

Let's face it, I bought the movie to get the minifigure. But the movie is actually very entertaining. The whole Bizarro League that appears in the film (Bizarro, Bizarra, Greenzarro, Cyzarro in addition to Batzarro) needs to be released in minifigure form, not to mention the giant sized Giganta that appears in the film (do you hear me, bootLEGO makers?!?!)

I find it funny that the movie is primarily about Bizarro, and LEGO has only released an official Bizarro minifigure as one of their super limited SDCC exclusive. Yet they included Batzarro as an exclusive for this move, and Batzarro only plays a small part in the film. We all know Batman is a big draw, but it's still sort of a silly move on LEGO's part.

Meanwhile if you do want a LEGO Bizarro, you can find the bootleg version on eBay for pretty cheap.

I suppose I shouldn't complain, though, as Batzarro is definitely the member of the Bizarro league that I dig the most. And had the movie included Bizarro, I might not have gotten it at all. Although if the movie had included Bizarra I would probably have bought two copies.

The Batzarro minifigure is wonderful. His cape is all 'ragged' with holes randomly cut into it, which is a real nice touch considering the fact that LEGO could have just given him a regular Batman cape to cut costs.

He shouldn't have eyes, as Batzarro's mask doesn't have eye holes...

...but I suppose that's a small gripe, especially since the Batzarro in the movie does have eyes/eye holes. So it's screen accurate if not comicbook accurate.


  1. Cool post. I just bought this figure and DVD today!

  2. Aha, so that's who that stranger looking fellow is.

    Lego needs to do a better job packaging those minifigs. They're almost always missing from the boxes at Walmart.

    1. Or Walmart needs to do a better job keeping an eye on their LEGO movies ;)

  3. This one is pretty freakin' sweet!