Funko POP! Roller Derby Harley Quinn :: Harley Qwednesday

I finally got my paws on the Funko POP! Roller Derby version of Harley Quinn!

In fact, I got may paws on a whole wad of awesome Funko Harley Quinn stuff thanks to the amazing Reis O'Brien of (No longer has any need to blog about toys because HE LIVES THEM EVERY DAY as a Funko employee!) fame!

Thanks Reis!

Over the next few Harley Qwednesdays we'll look at all these beauties individually, but today's focus is the Funko POP! Harley Quinn in her modern Roller Derby outfit:

Harley Quinn's costume seems to change about every fifteen minutes lately, but one of the best since her original is her Roller Derby costume. I love Harley Quinn, and derby girls are awesome, so of course I love Harley in her derby girl guise!

Of course I would prefer it if Harley had a domino mask, no matter her iteration, but this version does have the heavy make-up around the eyes like the comic source material.

She's also holding her super-sized croquet mallet, and of course she has her roller skates on!

Plus her black and red hair style, which is pretty cool because it hearkens back to Harley's original jester hat/headpiece.

And here she is from behind. Love those little shorts!

Apparently this Harley Quinn Funko POP! is available exclusively at Hot Topic for a limited time. Like with the Arkham Asylum Harley Quinn POP! that means she will see wide release in a couple months. But if you want her now, Hot Topic is your place to be!