Arkham Knight Batmobile :: Hot Wheels New for 2015

I don't follow Hot Wheels as closely as I used to, so I was surprised to learn of the recent release of the Arkham Knight Batmobile, and even more surprised to find it not long after hearing of it's existence!

Due to the delay of the game's release, we're seeing a lot of Arkham Knight relevant merchandise like action figures and this car months before the video game has even been played by fans.

There's really no 'jazz' to this vehicle, it's just another Bat-Tank. But it's a Batmobile, and it will be the first playable Batmobile in the Arkham video game series, so it should be pretty awesome. If I played with my Hot Wheels I know this one would be fun too. It isn't pretty, but it gets the job done.

The Arkham Knight Batmobile is part of the New for 2015 HW City series and is numbered 61/250.


  1. I have only been able to find one so far. Its a weird design, but I am happy to have it in my ever expanding Batmobile Hotwheels collection.

    1. I stumbled on to one more the other day. And of course I bought it. Like Batman, one cannot have too many Batmobiles!