Harley Qwednesday :: Harley Quinn, I Choo-Choo Choose You!

Mattel revealed another of their 2015 San Diego Comic-Con exclusives this week - a set of Thomas the Tank Engine/DC Super Friends mash-up minis - and whoa nelly the set will include a Harley Quinn train!


The set is a 2015 SDCC exclusive. Well, they say the Batman train (and the packaging) is the SDCC exclusive part, and early indicators suggest that the rest of these guys (most importantly, Harley!) will be available at general retail. Hopefully I can confirm that as fact before SDCC 2015, because (channeling Don Cornelius) I need that Harrrrrrrrrley Trrrrrrraiiiiiiin!

Also if this set doesn't sell out at SDCC (and if it does I'll eat my hat) it will be available on MattyCollector.com after the 'con, and I will probably resort to spending way too much for shipping and this whole silly train set itself just to get my hands on the Harley Quinn train.

The Thomas the Tank Engine Minis are new this year from Fisher-Price. From what I can tell they are sold in three packs and blind bags. I hope and pray Harley is made available in the three pack format, but I am fine with squeezing stupid little bags of trains to get her if I need to. It's still a much better option than trying to track down an SDCC exclusive set, or worse, buying anything off the MattyCollector website!

Below are the official details on the exclusive set from MattyCollector:

Thomas & Friends™ Super Friends Minis

The world’s favorite engines meet the world’s greatest super heroes as Thomas & Friends™ collide with DC Super Friends™ for a mighty mashup! The engines who keep the Island of Sodor running now have heroic new makeovers as MINIS with designs based on the heroes seen in DC Comics.
This exclusive San Diego Comic-Con pack features five fantastic MINIS mashups, including:
  • Exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con: Diesel as the Dark Knight version of Batman!
  • Thomas/Superman
  • Spencer/Cyborg
  • D10/The Joker
  • Millie/Harley Quinn
Best of all, it includes a premium, exclusive-to-San Diego Comic-Con package complete with a new comic story revealing the origin of the Thomas& Friends/DC Super Friends mashup and dynamic light-up action! It’s the perfect introduction to the Thomas & Friends/DC Super Friends MINIS.



  1. This is definitely the oddest Harley Quinn product I've ever seen. But you know what? I totally want a Batgirl train now, too.

  2. I know you will have these soon for your collection Eric.