Plastic Man BootLEGO by Sheng Yuan and Happy Memorial Day Weekend WOOHOO!

Memorial Day, in addition to the somber remembrance of those who have died in defense of our great nation, is considered by many the three day weekend launch of summertime. Which means BBQs!

So I built a LEGO BBQ. Just an unassuming (and terribly gaudy) BBQ, waiting quietly for someone to fire it up this Memorial Day weekend and slap some steaks on it's hot grill.

Or is it...?

Oh Plastic Man! What mischief are you up to now?

"HAW HAW HAW How do you like your BBQ, Wolverine?!?! I heard you like it like you like your women: with a big wiener!!!! HAW HAW HAW!!!"

The primary reason I purchased my recent bootleg LEGO minifigure haul (which I first discussed on my Ant-Man post) was to get this Plastic Man minifigure. I missed out an official version which was given away at Gamestop when you pre-ordered LEGO Batman 3 (I still don't even have that game!) and while I have considered picking one up off the secondary market (and probably will someday) I couldn't resist this Sheng Yuan bootleg version because it is so unique.

Like the LEGO version, the minifigure represents Plas in his current comicbook costume. Unlike LEGO's official version, this Sheng Yuan version has elongated legs and arms! A detail that really sets this guy apart and made him a 'must own' for a Plastic Man fan like me!

Another reason owning a building-block version of Plastic Man is a necessity for me is - like Plastic Man himself - the morphing possibilities are endless (or at least only limited to the red, black and yellow LEGO bricks I own!)

I originally set out to build Plas a vehicle body or something uninspired like that, but when I glanced over at my LEGO BBQ (which has been sitting around here since last Labor Day) I decided to recreate it as closely as I could with a Plastic-Man twist!

Wolverine also comes from the latest Sheng Yuan batch I purchased. He's the brown-costume Wolverine I prefer and he's pretty cool looking in this Sheng Yuan bootleg form. He's somewhat unique - Sheng Yuan made their own cowl design for this guy and didn't directly copy LEGO  (unlike the Decool bootleg that is in fact a direct copy of LEGO's version.)

Like with Ant-Man, Wolverine is incredibly wall-eyed under that cowl. But it looks good on him and that's where it will remain.

I've not yet acquired any bootleg Superman minifigures, but from what I've seen and read online, these bootleg companies have a hard time getting Superman's hairpiece (which Plas shares) correct. But it seems perfect in this instance, so perhaps they've gotten better at making that piece, or I got lucky with mine.

Regardless, I can't recommend this guy enough to any Plastic Man fan, or any minifigure fan for that matter - even if it's not Plas in his classic and iconic costume. You know you're just going to stick his head on random red/yellow/black builds anyways!

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