Imaginext Green Arrow & Launcher

This is the Imaginext version of Green Arrow. I'm not terribly up on my modern Green Arrow mythos, but he appears to be based on the current 'New 52' Green Arrow designs, or perhaps the Arrow television show version. Or maybe a bit of both.

This Green Arrow with Launcher set is a Target exclusive. The launcher is a repaint from an earlier medieval themed set.

The launcher is a beast. It comes with dual launchers that rotate up and down, and the whole firing mechanism rotates side to side. It's relative in that it is a pair of giant bows/arrows, but otherwise doesn't really seem right for Green Arrow in my opinion. He's a Robin hood based vigilante, he's not laying siege to Kings' Landing! The figure should have still come with a standard bow. I'll have to rectify the issue with something from Playmobil someday.

Green Arrow's hood is removable, which is pretty fun! Looking at him in package, I had assumed it was a permanent piece. I should have taken a picture of the back of it as it has a quiver full of arrows molded on to it. So he has arrows, just no bow.


Green Arrow is a fun addition to the Imaginext line-up. And for all my kvetching about 'no bow,' this launcher will get would have gotten a lot of play when I was a kid. But a bow with maybe a boxing glove arrow molded to it? That would have been SO COOL!



  1. Check outhttp://www.fisher-price.com/en_US/brands/imaginext/Products/index.html

    They have the brand-new Imaginext DC, elf and dinosaur lines. Some really nice stuff coming out

  2. http://www.fisher-price.com/en_US/brands/imaginext/Products/index.html

    Sorry, that should be easier to copy and paste

    1. I saw all that today - I need to make a new post about all that great new stuff coming out!

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    1. He is cooler than I expected him to be, as I am not a huge GA fan.