Imaginext Man-Bat and New52 Red Robin Coming Soon!

A member of the Facebook group 'Imaginext Generation' (come join the fun!) found the newest Imaginext Bat-Boat on the store shelves the other day, and the back of the packaging has revealed some wonderful upcoming surprises, including Man-Bat and the New52 Teen Titans Red Robin (aka Tim Drake)!

Man-Bat looks awesome. A 'big-fig' like the recent Solomon Grundy, Man-Bat most assuredly comes with a wing-flapping action feature.

Here battling Man-Bat you can (barely) see Robin (or Red Robin) in what appears to be his modern Teen Titans costume, with a glider and...dare I say it...A CAPE! If my interpretation of this itty bitty picture turns out to be correct, Red Robin will actually be the first Imaginext Robin to be wearing a cape. It's about dang time!

Hopefully Red Robin is easy to come by and is released in a single/two pack, and isn't part of that obnoxious new Batcave.

Also shown along with the currently available Hall of Doom is the upcoming Hall of Justice. Both are amazing additions to the Imaginext ranks.
This is the latest Bat-Boat, upon which these new pieces were revealed. It is hitting store shelves now, so if we're lucky all this other wonderful stuff will be out there for the pickin' very soon!

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