Imaginext Nightwing

The Target exclusive Imaginext Nightwing/Slade (aka Deathstroke) two figure set has been out for some time now, but I only just found it this week when I picked up Solomon Grundy. So perhaps the set is being shipped in greater numbers along with 'ol Grundy now? Who knows. What I do know is that it's a Target exclusive and it's popular among fans, so grab it if you see it!

The detail on Nightwing is amazing. His sculpt is just incredible, especially considering the fact that Fisher-Price could have simply released a Nightwing with plain black body/legs/arms and kids and fans all would have still gobbled this guy right up. The set also comes with two weapons, and I can only assume the bo staff is for Nightwing even though it is much more a Tim Drake Robin weapon or even a Deathstroke weapon for that matter. But to paraphrase the Beastie Boys, you can do what do what do what'cha want with it.

Here's another great detail: Nightwing is taller than Robin! I was surprised to discover this and I think it really shows the level of love that the designers over at Fisher-Price are putting into the line.

Interestingly, while Robin's mask is part of the head-sculpt, Nightwing's is a paint application. I prefer the sculpted mask but it does make each character that much more unique when next to each other.


  1. Still haven't seen either of these guys yet. Might be near a Target or two tomorrow so I'll keep an eye open.

    1. I believe this set and the Plas/Martian Manhunter set is shipping anew with Grundy, which are all Target exclusives.

  2. I love that they slip those little details in there. Kids may never notice them, yet they do it anyway.