Solomon Grundy (by Imaginext), Found on a Monday (at Target).

The Target exclusive Imaginext Solomon Grundy by Fisher-Price is hitting store shelves now! And as the title of the post says, I found mine Monday. Convenient, no?

This is a really great version of Solomon Grundy. He is very nicely detailed - almost moreso than one expects from Imaginext - and I think he'd fit in well with other in-scale toylines, especially with the JLU action figure line if you, like me, were unable to get your hands on the SDCC exclusive Solomon Grundy. At around $7.99 this guy is a nice inexpensive alternative to that exclusive figure which is surely fetching high prices on the secondary market to this day.

Grundy's articulation is basic - his shoulders, hips, wrists and neck rotate. He also has an action feature which allows him to slap his opponents together Moe Howard style when you push a relatively unobtrusive button on his back. My figure's right wrist doesn't swivel properly, and I'm worried that if I force it I might rip his hand off, so be aware and be careful when you find yours. The good thing is you can test the articulation in package at the store, the bad thing is that you might only find one on the shelf, and at this point I wouldn't recommend passing on him until another day. I don't anticipate this guy being a peg-warmer, at least where collectors are concerned, but I could be wrong. Kids might snub him because they don't know who he is, or wonder when the Incredible Hulk went goth.

"Grundy remind Batman slow down. This school zone and speed limit twenty five when school in session. Also, use blinker, a-hole!"

The character of Solomon Grundy, like Clayface before him, is the perfect candidate for the 'big-fig' treatment Fisher-Price gave him. But I have to admit he is a surprising addition to the line. I think it helps that he appeared in the Arkham City video game, and it also helps that he was a member of the classic Superfriends cartoon's Legion of Doom, both of which seem to greatly inspire the Fisher-Price Imaginext line. Speaking of the Legion of Doom, Imaginext has just released the Hall of Doom, and there are only four Superfriends Legion of Doom characters yet to make it to the Imaginext line: Giganta, Toyman, Sinestro and Cheetah. Here's hoping we get them all - and that Giganta is also released as a big-fig!

Grundy comes with a lead pipe accessory, so you can pretend he murdered Professor Plum in the Observatory. Here he is with Killer Croc, who had to borrow a piece of Playmobil chain for his weapon.

Robin's Mech Suit makes for great GrundyBuster Iron-Robin play scenarios! Take THAT Age of Ultron!

If you are collecting DC Superhero themed Imaginext figures, you pretty much have to get this guy. So far there's no Target DPCI to report as he wasn't in the Target system when I purchased him. But, like Clayface, he hangs on the pegs with the other figure two-packs and should be priced accordingly. If you find him and he's not in the system, just bring over another figure from the pegs and they should ring him up for you at that price (that's what they did for me!)


  1. He is really cool. I'll be checking my Target for him the next time I'm out. I still need to crab a Killer Croc as well.

    1. FYI: The one shown here is the original Killer Croc release (that came with a swamp boat). The one on shelves now (with the jet ski) is a little different sculpt and has a 'metal' lower jaw.