Imaginext Space Ape :: Blind Bag Series 4

On an out-of-town trip I was finally able to find a box of Imaginext Blind Bag Series 4. I picked up three 'must-haves' from the wave, including the figure that is generally referred to as 'Space Ape'.

Dig that banana-gun!

I love the general sci-fi-ness of this guy. Obvious influences being history itself (and the use of chimps for space flight experiments) as well as Planet of the Apes, while possible less obvious influences could have been the movie 2001 and even Robot Monster.

This guy is a great figure individually, and also makes the perfect 'army builder' for any number of current Imaginext themes.

The Space Ape code on the Series 4 blind bags is 77. But as always I recommend you confirm your figure via the 'squeeze method.' Space Ape is really easy to 'feel' as he has that massive dome of a helmet. You can also feel for the conical shape of the banana gun.

Check my post on all the Series 4 codes for the rest!


  1. i need all of series 3. do you have any leads on where i might find a case?

    1. I've heard Entertainmentearth.com sometimes sells full cases. Otherwise your best bet at this point is probably eBay.