Neener neener neener neener Bat-Joker!

Way back during the original run of the Batman cartoon 'The Batman,' it was announced somewhere that an upcoming action figure for the corresponding toyline would be the Joker dressed as Batman. I loved the idea, and eagerly awaited the release of the figure. It was later cancelled - rumor had it Mattel didn't want to confuse kids (huh?) with a villain dressed as the hero.

Who knows what the real reason for the figure's cancellation was, or if this is even a real story (my research is my MEMORY! Take THAT, journalism!) but whatever the case may be, I have been saddened by the void in my toy collection of a Joker dressed as Batman ever since.

So imagine my joy when a couple months ago Lootcrate sent subscribers an exclusive Joker dressed as Batman Funko POP! and then imagine my disappointment when I got word of it's existence after it had already been sent out and my chance of owning it for a decent price was gone.


Well, I am as lucky as I am handsome (that is to say I am pretty damn lucky) because firstly a person on a geek Facebook group I follow put this fine fellow up for sale for ten bucks, and secondly the friend I had tasked with picking it up for me (since this Facebook group is in the town I grew up in, not the town I currently reside) picked it up and gifted it to me at no charge!

What a pal! Clearly he doesn't remember the time after High School when he passed out at a party and I drew and wrote on his face with a sharpie and he went home the next morning and sat down at the breakfast table and his dad said 'so, did you have a good time last night?' and he tried to act all cool like he hadn't been drinking and his dad finally said 'go look in a mirror.'

I don't remember exactly what I wrote on his forehead, but I am pretty sure I drew a wiener on his cheek.


It took a few months before I was finally able to get back to my old hometown and get this guy in-hand, but I finally did and I didn't write on anyone's face in the process.

Or did I?

This Joker dressed as Batman Funko POP! is pretty darn cool. He is ridiculously gaudy just as he should be. The colors are garish and an assault on the eyes and I love it.

FunFact: BatJoker is the first and so far only Funko POP! I own that is not a Harley Quinn POP! I don't even own a Batman POP! Crazy, I know!

Here's The Joker Batman-Batman (the bat variant so nice you gotta say it twice!) in box. I don't hold on to boxes much these days, but this one is as ridiculous and garish as BatJoker himself so I think I will hang on to it. Or maybe I'll draw a wiener on it. With me you never know.