Kneel Before Zod!

Gobots are awesome or GTFO.

Of all the Gobots I owned as a kid and have wished I could recapture in adluthood, the motorized tricycle Dinosaur Zod has eluded me the longest.

Well now that title belongs to Scooter, because I found Zod at the flea market this past weekend!

Zod is a motorized monster and with the help of three 'C' batteries he frantically chomps (or as my intern says 'snops') and lurches forward in spasms and fits and leaps until you spear the red button on his belly.


He originally came with a joust-like spear to help you stab him into submission. Mine doesn't have his but mine does work perfectly, which is a nice bonus.

Zod isn't in mint condition, but I don't care. The guy selling him had no idea what he was, and so I tried to talk him down from his five dollar asking price since there was no telling if Zod worked or not. The seller didn't even realize Zod was supposed to be motorized. Well, he tracked down some batteries at another seller's booth (hey, it's the flea market, they have EVERYTHING!) and when Zod proved to be in perfect working order, he wanted more for him. I ended up paying seven bucks for him but got fresh batteries so I guess I should have just nabbed him at five, but either way I think it was money well spent.

I wish I had held on to all my Gobots from childhood, but I guess you can't win 'em all. I also wish I still had my Gobot Command Center. That thing was epic.

Here I am back in the day with my Gobots collection (along with some transformers and other transforming robots and an Astro Magnum Shockwave which is probably worth more these days than a regular Shockwave.) WHY DIDN'T I KEEP ALL THIS BEAUTIFUL STUFF?!?!?!

Okay even I admit Zod is ridiculous. But I still love him and am ecstatic to have regained his big lumbersome self.


  1. That's awesome. I had Zod when I was younger, but I never knew he was part of the Gobots until recently. I had both of the command centers too. I loved how the Gobots' base was pretty much a transforming AT-AT.

  2. The Go Bots were truly underrated and under appreciated.At the risk of this turning into a rap song,ill stop now.

    1. Someone needs to make a Gobot Rap. Leader-1 and Cy-Kill already sound like some badass rappers' names!

  3. I have not seen one of these in a very long time...however i just saw a boxed Go-Bot Command at my toy reseller recently...very cool.

  4. Wow! Haven't seen this one in years.