Casey Jones :: 2007 TMNT Movie Action Figure

Along with April and the Foot Ninja, I found the 2007 TMNT Casey Jones at the flea market last weekend. He was completely accessory-less, but the Foot Ninja had this blade thing that looks looks a bit like a hockey stick, so Casey swiped it from him.

Casey pales in comparison to his original counterpart in all points but his height (why did they make this line so darn tall?!?!)

I hope to track down his mask someday, but until then I'll just consider him an unmasked variant.

Geek Fun Fact: Casey was voiced in the 2007 movie by Captain America himself, Chris Evans!

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  1. Nice find. I think that hockey stick substitution works well.
    I've got some pictures of the Series 8 Fi?ures, including the Gladiatrix, here: