Tim Mee Summer 2015 Reissues

The fine folks at VictoryBuy just sent over some packs of their latest Tim Mee reissues, so let's take a gander at all the retro plastic goodness!

TimMee Toy Tanks for Plastic Army Men: Tan WW2 3pc - Made in USA

Tank Command Desert Division. Three sweet tan tanks - I swear I had dozens of these when I was a kid. These things pair perfectly with Little Green Army Men, Hot Wheels, LEGO etc. I had hundreds of sandbox battles with similar tanks when I was a wee lad.

TimMee Combat Patrol: Green 4 Piece Playset - Made in USA

Combat Patrol Army Vehicles and Artillery. Two Jeeps with towable cannons. Oh man, these Jeeps were always my favorite go-to battle vehicles. They may not have been heavily armed (although the cannon makes up for that) but they were always fast and maneuverable.

Tim Mee People Play Figures: Green and Putty Color 24pc Playset - Made in USA

People at Play Atomic Family Figurines. These have nothing to do with the military theme of the other two sets, but sometimes civilians need rescuing, or are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. BOOM!

When I first opened the box from VictoryBuy I assumed my intern would take to the family figurines. But she was way more into the tanks.

You think you know someone.

Of course Batman had to bring in his friends to stop the evil tanks, not to mention his own anti-tank Batmobile (ala the Arkham Knight video game.)

The tanks come with a simple sticker sheet with serial numbers and stars to add a bit of detail to their monocolored bodies.

There are no actual wheels, but of course the turrets rotate.

The tanks look great alongside LEGO (and BootLEGO) minifigures!

Supergirl says "The party's over!"

The Jeeps/cannons also come with the same sticker sheet to add stars and serial numbers. They look better against the green plastic than against the tan. The Jeeps roll beautifully and I really love these little military vehicles. Like their real world counterparts, they are so versatile and unstoppable!

The artillery cannon links to the Jeep easily and stays attached while hauling ass across the carpet or couch.

The seats are the perfect size for LEGO minifigures, although there's nothing to keep them from flying out of their seat when maneuvering.

But you could easily rectify that by using tape or improvising a seatbelt or something.

"What my cousin said!"

The People at Play set comes with a whole mid-century family in green and tan, and is a lot of retro kitsch fun. First up is Dad with his pipe and hammer. Or maybe this is a homicidal maniac. Your call.

Next up is little brother playing fetch with the family dog. Unless the dog can throw it back, the catcher's mitt is overkill.

Cheerleader sister. Or some gal super excited to have gotten a pair of afro wigs for Christmas.

Older brother with football. He's a good sport.

Jump roping little sister with stereotypical cat getting too close for his own safety.

And finally, Mom with trowel and pot. Moms love gardening!

Thanks again to VictoryBuy for these great review samples. You can pick up any or all of these brand new sets at the links below:

Tim Mee People Play Figures: Green and Putty Color 24pc Playset - Made in USA
TimMee Combat Patrol: Green 4 Piece Playset - Made in USA
TimMee Toy Tanks for Plastic Army Men: Tan WW2 3pc - Made in USA


  1. i love these... dunno if i'm into the putty color or not, but i love the "people at play" set

    1. I do prefer military green, but someone has to be the bad guy I suppose! Also, this lighter color would make for easier customization if someone wished to add paint.

      The People at Play are just kitschy fun!

    2. ... have a major hard time not ordering some Tim Mee, though- the green army men especially

  2. I love those toys especially the tank ones. They made a civilian figures besides army, police, fire, cowboys, indians, pirates, and knights.

    1. Yeah it's cool to see something out of the ordinary!