Bootleg LEGO Supergirl, Superman and Brainiac

I picked up another batch of Bootleg LEGO minifigures off eBay in order to get my hands on a Supergirl minifigure. Supergirl is currently officially available from LEGO in a set along with Superman and Brainiac (and Brainiac's spaceship.) It's an awesome looking set that I'd love to own, but for the 'pennies on the dollar' cost of these bootlegs I couldn't resist grabbing them now even if I someday have the real thing.

Of note on this latest wave of bootlegs: Supergirl's torso is sculpted with 'hips.' Something the bootleggers have taken it upon themselves to add. This type of design decision fascinates me, because the bootleggers could just straight across rip-off LEGO (and do,) yet every now and then they throw something in that they thought of entirely on their own. Those sillies!

The bootleggers also included those new jumping bases that LEGO has introduced this year. They're kind of lame but for flying figures they do give you a nice little 'invisible' base to pose them on.

Both Supergirl and Superman have two faces, 'normal' and 'heat-vision.'

And then there's Brainiac. Bootleg Brainiac comes with a cool Kryptonite gun.

Brainiac does not have dual faces but they did print those...USB ports?...on the back of his head.

As always the cape quality is lower than regulation LEGO, and the plastic is slightly lighter. But if your not playing with these things too heavily you just can't go wrong for the price.

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