Another Batmobile Kiddie Ride, And This One is For Sale!

My recent post about a '66 Batmobile Kiddie Ride that I spotted in front of a not-so-nearby K-Mart prompted a reader to alert me (and now I'm alerting YOU!) that she has one just like it, and hers is FOR SALE!

Jen has this Batmobile ride-on and is looking to get $850 obo for it before she makes a cross-country move. I wish I had that kind of dough, but I'm no Bruce Wayne!

If you would like to make all your childhood dreams come true for a measly $850 contact Jen at her email jenrem76.jr@gmail.com

BONUS PIC: I returned to the 'scene of the crime' and got a pic of myself in my local version:

Zoom Zoom!

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