Imaginext Blind Bag Series 1 Diver

Thanks to a trade with a fellow Imaginext collector I was able to finally add the Imaginext blind bag series 1 Diver to my collection. The diver comes with a pet Manta Ray and removable helmet.

I needed this diver to compliment the Pirate Dive Suit I recently acquired.

The diver that comes with the dive suit armor is a completely different than the blind bag diver. I like the steam-punk vibe of the armor driver, but I think Imaginext missed an opportunity to include the dive helmet from the blind bagged figure.

Now the dive suit pilot can leave his armor and go exploring!

And he's not the only one...

The helmet doesn't show the Space Ape's face, which gives him a real Robot Monster vibe!

"Hail Hydra!"

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