Condorman Novelization (and The Traveler in Black too)

I can't believe Disney owns Marvel now and there still hasn't been an update to the Condorman movie, or a Condorman/Captain America team-up special, or a cartoon on Disney XD or a special appearance by Condorman on The Amazing Spider-Man or an ABC weekly series or SOMETHING! The closest Condorman has come to the 21st century is a brief cameo in a Toy Story short (as a fast-food premium toy.)

Anyways, I picked up this Condorman novelization (as well as The Traveler in Black because DIG THAT COVER ART!) at the flea market the other day from a vendor selling old books like these at 3 for a dollar (my daughter picked out the third book for herself.) I haven't seen Condorman since the mid eighties, so I can't speak for it's ability to stand the test of time, but I am looking forward to reading this simple little novelization (with pics from the film!) and re-familiarizing myself with 'America's zaniest secret agent!'

I don't even care if The Traveler in Black is a good read or not. That cover is just gorgeous and I'll probably frame it.


  1. That is one creepy looking book cover. I can't tell what's going on there, but it looks sinister.

  2. Saw the original film back at the cinema when it came out.