Hero World Cyborg from Fisher-Price

Scored this Fisher-Price Hero World Cyborg from the flea market last weekend. I love Cyborg, but never got too deep into the short-lived Fisher-Price Hero World series. When this figure was at retail (included in a set with an ATV which just didn't appeal to me at all) I passed him over.

I'm glad I was able to find him now, and for so cheap (and especially without the lame ATV) because this is one great looking Cyborg!

I love the classic armor Cyborg; he's cartoony enough to remind me of the latest version of the Teen Titans cartoon, which is absolutely hilarious.

Even though I never really got into the Hero World theme, this is actually my second Hero World Cyborg! The first, from the later Voice-Comm sub-line, I found at Marshall's long after the line had died. The Voice-Comm version is a more modern Cyborg, and while he's cool, I much prefer the classic look.

As you can see, standard Cyborg and Voice-Comm Cyborg are completely different, which is interesting considering how easy it would have been to re-use a part or two (like the head or hands). And since Fisher-Price is owned by Mattel, parts re-use kind of comes with the territory. But no, each is figure is completely unique.

Hero World was a great line, sort of an upscaled Imaginext for kids a little bit older than Imaginext's target audience. It would have been fun to see the line last, grow and evolve, but it was never meant to be.


  1. I never paid much attention to the Hero World line, but this is cool.

  2. Purdy cool!I never got caught up In the Fisher Price line of figures.But If I were to come across a nice lot for cheap...