TMNT Murakami Gennosuke aka 'Gen'

Stan Sakai's beloved Usagi Yojimbo has had a long relationship with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which included both an original Usagi Yojimbo action figure in the '89 series and an updated, more comic accurate version from the early 2000s toyline.

Although I picked up the 2000s Usagi off the shelves when new, I still only vaguely understood his universe and wasn't 'officially' collecting TMNT toys anyways. I later acquired the original Usagi action figure and even Space Usagi, and finally began reading the entire collected series in graphic novel form.

That's where I learned about the rhino samurai Murakami Gennosuke aka 'Gen', and later discovered he too had an action figure!

I remember seeing this guy on the shelves but not knowing anything about him I assumed he was a 'modern' take on Rocksteady or something. By the time I realized he was from Usagi Yojimbo's universe it was too late to add him to my collection via basic retail means. Thankfully the flea market came through for me and now I have him...as well as his lame action feature:

For some reason Playmates thought to themselves 'hey, action figures are fun, but floppy action figures are funner!' You push a button on his chest and then - you know those toy wooden animals which you push a button on the base and they flop down? - yeah, Gen does that.

As if kids hadn't just pretended to knock out their action figures for years, now they had the added bonus of playing like they were dragging a real limp body out to the dumpster.

To cinch him up again, you tighten this dial on his back. You know, once tightened, the figure actually stands and displays well. But I can imagine the strings holding him together breaking over time. I suppose if that ever happens I'll just glue his limbs back on.

My Gen didn't have the twin katana he was originally released with, but I can probably dig up at least one out my random accessories bag.


  1. Always thought he had a strange action feature.

  2. Interesting. I have no recollection of this figure although I didn't collect the early 2000s TMNT line. I've seen the pic on my blog feed all day and also just assumed this was a martial arts version of Rocksteady.

    Remember the Swamp Thing that had a similar action feature? I thought that was a lame action feature there, too!

    1. You know the action feature would have made sense in a line like MOTU, where every other figure has a punching action feature. Otherwise it makes zero sense no matter where you apply it!

  3. This is a bittersweet read for me. I always wanted that Gen figure (also after reading the Usagi series). But after seeing that lame flop mechanism, the magic has been lost. I have a Triceraton figure from that series & he has that same silly function. What a goofy gimmick!

    1. The action feature is sad, but he does display well.