Bootleg LEGO Ghost Rider vs. Ghostbusters :: Random Toy Pic

I haven't been following the bootleg LEGO scene that closely in recent months, but I needed some bootleg Ghostbusters minifigures for my Halloween costume (more on that later) and as I was perusing eBay's Chinese LEGO knockofferings I came across an incredible Ghost Rider minifigure (with motorcycle!) and I had to add him to my order.

Outshining my MOC Ghost Rider minfigure in pretty much every way, this Ghost Rider minifigure is a real thing of beauty. In addition to his chain and motorcycle (and, inexplicably, a second skull head), bootLEGO Ghost Rider also came with some sort of spinny stunty minibuild which can f'' the right off because who cares, I got a Ghost Rider minifigure with a sweet silver motorcycle for around a buck and a half.