Matchbox MB11 Car Transporter

My little car collecting bug has shrunken drastically in the past few years. I mostly focus on movie cars and Batmobiles these days when it comes to 1:64 scale die-cast toys. My Dad, however, still collects toy cars of any shape and size and when I see one that's too cool to pass up, I just buy them for him instead of myself (much to my Mother's chagrin.)

Such was the case for this awesome little Matchbox Car Transporter (aka Bedford Car Transporter) which I found at a garage sale for a dollar!

I've seen pictures in books and online of this cute little Car Transporter, which has even cuter little Game of Life style cars riding along on top and inside, but I had never seen one in person until I found this little guy in an assortment of random Hot Wheels at the same garage sale that I bought myself the young LEGO Obi-Wan Kenobi. I immediately knew it had to go home with me (well, not immediately - but as soon as I heard it was a dollar! Only the best for my old Dad!)

This Matchbox MB11 Car Transporter was originally produced from '76 to '81. I can't wait to present it to Dad!

I also hope my kids are still buying toys for me deep into their own adulthoods. Take note, Interns!


  1. Oh wow! I love this thing....your dad is going flip Eric when he sees it.

  2. That is a neat little car transporter. Any idea how old it is?