LEGO Series 14 The Fly Minifigure

Hot on the sticky heels of the Imaginext Series 5 Fly guy, LEGO has released their Halloween / Monsters themed Series 14 blind bagged minifigures, and they too made a mutated Fly guy! Now all we need is a Playmobil mutant fly and we'll have one hell of a triumvirate of terror!

More 'fly' than 'fly-guy,' this LEGO minifigure is clearly inspired by the classic Vincent Price film The Fly. He even has the single mutated hand.

The head sculpt is a real thing of beauty, with massive translucent red eyes. It's a great piece that will turn any LEGO minifigure into a mutant fly-man. I might have to pick up a second of this figure so I have a spare head to swap around the place!

Sadly the body, well, it's very fly... but not fly-guy enough for my tastes. Not-Baxter-Stockman comes across more as an actual anthropomorphic fly than a guy who was mutated into a half-fly monstrosity.

So I swapped his body out for this mad scientist body that came from I don't remember where. It's perfect for the scientist-turned-fly-mutant, all the way down to the weird splotches of goo on his smock.

'Heelllppp meeeee!'

I used the 'squeeze method to find this guy, and it worked (obviously) - seek out that head with it's distinct muzzle and antennae.


  1. The mad scientist body is from the Series 4 character. According to LEGO, this guy was a housefly turned humanoid. I really like him, and he's one of my favorites.

    1. Oh yeah, I had forgotten the LEGO website gives these guys bios. Thanks for the reminder, and the reminder about the Series 4 parts!

  2. I see a Baxter Stockman custom-potential here...

  3. Cool! We just got the complete series.