Lights, Camera, Movie Star Donatello!

I found a bag of random thrift store fodder the other day and bought it just to get my hands on Movie Star Don! Released by Playmates back in 1992, these figures are...odd. Made of a softer rubber to emulate...rubber, and spotted all over like the Turtles picked up some sort of venereal disease from that 'globe' trotting reporter friend of theirs, this is the first one of the Movie Star themed TMNT figures I've ever owned. And faults aside, he isn't too bad. There are only five points of articulation, shoulders, neck and hips, but the rubberized arms and the plastic ball joints allow for some good articulation and poses. Mine is missing his belt and all accessories, but he's in good physical shape for a turtle of his age, and any scuffs he suffers from add to his 'realism', which was the actual goal of the toy manufacturers when they made this weird TMNT sub-theme. I think.


  1. As weird as these dudes were, I always loved 'em. That rubber always reminded me of the actors in their suits. Glad you have one in your collection now!

  2. I never run across these in the wild oddly.