Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Minifigure by Mega Bloks

In addition to the Monster High Venus McFlytrap Mega Bloks minifigure, I also picked up the Mega Bloks Spectra Vondergeist minifigure!

What can I say, I am a fan of pale women of Germanic descent.

I like ghosts, so Spectra was a must-have. And she's not just pale, Spectra has the added cool factor of arms that fade to clear. Spooky!

As far as buildable minfigures go, these Monster High Skullection Series 1 girls are pretty great. Spectra breaks down to a hairpiece, head, torso, necklace, skirt and legs/hips. She also came with a tomb shaped cell phone, a bracelet and a base. I have no complaints about the two I have so far, and they only tempt me to buy more.

Except, you know, then I'd have an actual Monster High collection and I'm not so sure I'm ready for that level of girly commitment.


  1. I could not resist Venus or Spectra either. I went for a third one -- the small build-able lab with Ghoulia because -- zombies -- plus the set comes with a neon green skull and a couple other unique pieces. Initially I did not like these because they have scaled up from every other Mega Bloks, but I get it from a marketing perspective. Three of these wasn't such a leap for me since I already collect the companion pets in the main toyline. I am surprised that the pets are not in the Mega Bloks set, but I see how they are saving that for the first major overhaul. Can't wait for a Mega Bloks Chewlian!

  2. She does look great. You are already lost however. Once you get ONE Monster High girl you want to have more. You will always check out the Monster High toys whenever you go to the store.