Imaginext Bigfoot

Bigfoot here, with his pet fish, finally came to Toyriffic World Headquarters via a trade with Mason of D.I Treasures!

Originally released in Imaginext's blind bag Series 2, which was somehow a series that blew through my area so fast I completely missed it. Bigfoot is an awesome American legend so it's great to have his Imaginext version finally become part of the collection. Thanks Mason!

But wait...there's something not right about this guy...

HEY! It's just a guy PRETENDING to be Bigfoot! Just like, well, every Bigfoot ever (that ought to elicit some interesting comments!)

You have to admit that it's pretty clever of Imaginext to release Bigfoot as a guy dressed as Bigfoot. It's so meta!


  1. I really like this figure. It cracks me up that it's just a guy in a costume! It makes you wonder if it's a real fish or just a prop he bought somewhere.

  2. Very cool. Hopefully these will get in stores around here.

  3. Haha, nice! I'm glad he arrived safe and sound! It's too bad the sasquatch head is static, because it would be fun to take a black and white picture of this guy. :D

    Also, good news, I found Steampunk Gentleman if you still need him!