Hot Wheels Back to the Future DeLoreon 2015 Hover Conversion

It's 2015, and while you still can't get a flying car in real life, you CAN get a Hot Wheels version of the Back to the Future Delorean time machine with hover conversion!

What a spectacular Hot Wheel! Every kid I knew when I was a wee lad (even before Back to the Future hit movie screens) pretended at least one of their Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars could fly (usually whichever one had opening doors). So any kid would love this one even if they haven't seen the movie and don't realize it is also a time machine. Although I don't know how easy it will be for kids to find or get their hands on since old dorks like me are probably not letting it sit on shelves for long. Hopefully Mattel saturates the market with this DeLorean soon, but so far it seems to be pretty elusive.

The DeLorean has four tiny wheels underneath that still allow it to roll around, and the hover wheels aren't movable in any capacity.

The original Hot Wheels Back to the Future DeLorean is the first film version. Other than the wheels, the primary difference is that the hover conversion has the Mr. Fusion in back.

Here's hoping for more BTTF DeLorean time machine versions from Hot Wheels in the...wait for it...future! In the least we need one with white-walls and electrical components strapped to the hood like in BTTF part 3.

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