Imaginext Man-Bat

The Imaginext Man-Bat is on store shelves now! Man-Bat is one of Imaginext's larger figures, like Solomon Grundy and Clayface. I found him at Wal-Mart, but have already seen him at Target as well, so he's clearly not a retailer exclusive or anything. He shouldn't be too hard to find.

Like Solomon Grundy, Man-Bat has a button on his back to make his arms move (or in Man-Bat's case, 'flap.') Also like Solomon Grundy, Man-Bat can hold on to an average sized Imaginext figure with his 'hands.'

Man-Bat is nice and solid, his feet are large enough to support him and his wings in pretty much any pose. His arms have multiple points of articulation for many batty poses. I especially like how he can envelop a figure like those weird bat creatures in Beastmaster.

Here's Man-Bat next to Killer Croc for size comparison. Man-Bat doesn't come with an accessory which is kind of disappointing (even Grundy came with a piece of lead pipe to kill Mr. Mustard in the study!) but don't let that stop you from picking him up! He's great and really reminiscent of the Batman Animated Man-Bat action figure from the nineties. Which also came with an accessory, now that I think about it. Oh well, no accessory is better than a cheesy accessory!

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