BootLEGO Silk Minifigure by Sheng Yuan

Three of my favorite things about BootLEGO minifigures:

1) They are inexpensive as f*%(k.
2) You can get obscure characters that LEGO will likely never make.
3) Did I mention how inexpensive they are?

To wit: This Silk minifigure cost me a grand total of thirty eight cents. That includes shipping from the other side of the planet. INCONCEIVABLE!

Also: Silk. I don't know much about Silk, other than she's a Spider-Man ally with the same powers as Peter Parker (apparently she was bitten by the same spider that bit Petey shortly after he gained his extraordinary powers.) Silk is a pretty unlikely minifigure to ever grace an official LEGO set, and I am always down for female superheroes, especially female Spider-verse superheroes (Silk being the first one I am aware of) so I simply could not resist adding her to my collection.

Did I mention she cost me a whopping 38 cents?

Silk is manufactured by Sheng Yuan, a bootLEGO company that has, in my experience, always produced a quality product.

Silk comes with your standard Sheng Yuan base (not shown), a spider and a simple web stand/build. I really like the spider and web piece as they fit well into any Spider-Man themed build. It's nice to get accessories/extra parts that aren't random and useless.

Silk's hair piece is a bit rougher than usual, not the smooth/shiny quality of a standard LEGO hairpiece but more a rough/muted plastic type. It does give her hair a nice dulled texture, although the piece also has an extra hole on the right side - I assume this hairpiece may have been derived/ripped-off from the LEGO Friends line and has that extra hole so a flower or bow or other hair accessory can be added. I don't know and I really don't care; It does little to detract from the piece and if it did bother me 1) I could replace it with any other countless LEGO/bootLEGO hairpiece I have lying around or 2) I could GET OVER IT BECAUSE THE FIG COST ME 38 CENTS FERCRYINOUTLOUD!


  1. Impossible to go wrong for 38 cents, and it seems like a pretty nice "almost Lego" addition to your collection

  2. Gotta love them Sheng Yuen minifigs! I have a stretched out Plastic Man minifigure by Sheng Yuen. They also made some interesting Living Dead minifigures.

    1. I have that Plastic Man too, he's neato! And I have yet to jump in on the Walking Dead minifigs but they do look awesome.

  3. Let me know if they ever make a Squirrel Girl!

    1. I will because I would have to get one for myself!

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  5. Replies
    1. On eBay. I generally search 'minifigure building toy' and select the 'free shipping' filter and they all pop up. Sometimes they include the actual name of the character but sometimes they don't, so you have to try a few searches or variations on terms sometimes if you are looking for a specific figure.