In Space, No One Can Hear You Report The News

Robot Monster Space Superhero and Toyriffic made a toy swap the other day, and included in the box I received from John was this Space April O'Neil action figure!

Space April is one of the latest Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure releases, and coincides with recent episodes that take place IIIIIIN SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!

I don't follow the ongoing cartoon very closely, but the idea of having April O'Neil in a space suit is too cool to pass up.

Space April's helmet is removable, which is cool for play value but unfortunately her head sits pretty low on her neck, so without the helmet on she looks a little out of proportion.

A lot of fans of the show are glad to see this head-sculpt, as it more closely resembles April's animated design than the standard April O'Neil action figure, but I actually prefer the more cartoony looking version even if it is off-model. The other headsculpt, while not cartoon accurate, certainly comes across as more lively than this one.

April looks better with the space helmet on. It fits loosely into a tab in the back and isn't as snug as I'd prefer. It could have used a couple more points of linkage to keep it more securely in place, but whatever.

Not being up on the cartoon, I am unsure if this is a camera or a blaster that looks like a camera (knowing the history of the TMNT action figure line, it could be either!) but I am guessing that it's just a camera.

Then again, who carries a camera in a hip holster? Whatever it is, it's a nice addition to the figure and fits nicely into the holster - in fact, it snaps in more securely than her helmet. Safety last!

As modern TMNT action figures go, Space April is pretty good. Her articulation is lacking (but not as much as some of the figures in the line) and while her paint apps are limited, she's pretty basically colored so it is in keeping with the animated design. The pearlescent white really pops and is a nice bonus, as they could have easily just went with basic and likely cheaper white paint.

Space April is a good looking and fun variant, and if modern TMNT figures are your thing, she may be one you'll want to add to your collection.

Thanks again to John for sending her my way!


  1. Am so glad you like her Eric and now am waiting for the human Karai figure now. : )