Toon Leonardo!

Along with flocked Splinter, last week's flea market trip coughed up a Toon Leo in all his googly eyed action feature goofiness!

Toon Leo is a little rough, but I couldn't pass him up. He was even rougher when I found him - his pupils were nearly completely worn off. Fortunately I'm an ace with a sharpie, so that was an easy fix. Maybe I can find a blue sharpie and fix the wear on his bandanna and pads.

I like the glittery skin on this guy. It adds some nice depth to the figure. His eye-popping action feature is activated via a button on his back. It's just plain silly. It's also completely beyond the scope of the character in any medium; this isn't a Ghostbusters figure fercryinoutloud!


  1. His looks like a green version of Wallace from "Wallace and Gromit!"

    1. That explains why he keeps asking for Wensleydale on his pizza!

    2. I know of a certain Cheese Shoppe that has everything, except cheese.

  2. I think Playmates Is re-releasing this version In the Nickelodeon style of figures.