Half Shell Heroes Casey Jones and Raphael

As much as I love TMNT and the 'pre-school' aesthetic of toylines like Imaginext et al, my Half Shell Heroes collection is pretty thin. In fact, until I found these two gentleman at the flea market it consisted of only Slash and Baxter Stockman. They are cute figures to be sure, but most come across in person as rather cheap, especially compared to what I've grown to expect from Imaginext.

But when these two guys popped up at the flea market for a quarter each, well, I couldn't resist.

My two favorite TMNT 'good guys' are of course Casey Jones and Raphael, and while I am not a big fan of the kabuki-Jones modern CGI Casey Jones, well, he's Casey Jones and he cost me a quarter. Not a fan of the maskless look. He needs a hockey mask dammit but whatyagonnado? And Raphael is always cool, but the Half Shell Heroes 'standard' 'Raphael comes with sai that have 'webbing' in between the tongs for, you know, safety or whatever, and it's annoying to me. I'd honestly prefer him without any weapons at all. Which this helmeted version offers up. I am ok with the helmet, as it reminds me of the CGI TMNT movie wherein Raphael went out at night as a masked vigilante. In fact, if this guy was completely painted black, like he was wearing a motorcycle suit, that'd be extra keen, Also, SAFETY!

Side note: My intern kept calling Casey Jones 'That golf guy' and I couldn't help but be offended for Casey's sake. It was a pretty amusing exchange as I tried to explain that it is a HOCKEY stick and golf is a dumb game for dummies and she wasn't buying any of it. My life, ladies and gentlemen. Envy me.

UPDATE: I didn't have these guys a week and what do I find at the Goodwill Bargain Barn but the Stealth Cycle that goes with this helmeted Raphael...

I find myself liking this vehicle in spite of myself.

It's ridiculous. I mean, it doesn't even have a windshield! But when you push down on the front it extends, and you can lower the battering ram on the front wheel.

Or push it back in for a stumpy look.

It opens via the sides and top popping apart to reveal the cockpit. I guess Raph drives it via computer monitor since there's NO WINDSHIELD! It really should have a windshield, or even a decal of a windshield up front there.


  1. Who needs a windshield when you've got that ninja mask, man? Kidding of course. Man, I used to have so many TMNT action figures when I was a kid. Those were the days.

  2. I keep thinking i should grab a few of these...