Ephant Mon Fans' Choice Figure No. 3

If you've collected toys for half as long as I have, you are certain to have amassed your share of toy regrets. Toys you've gotten rid of, toys broken by the cats, toys the kids got a hold of and lost the accessories to, toys chewed on by the dog, and toys you didn't buy when you saw them only to never see them again.

Ephant Mon was a long time toy regret of mine: a figure I passed at retail the one time I saw him at Target way back in 2002 and have never seen since. Not sure why I passed on him then, but it was likely due to having already met my toy budget for that month, or perhaps because I was only a casual Star Wars collector at the time and I may have even been thinning the herd, and had a hard time justifying one more (massive and ugly) addition.

I'm sure I at least hid him behind something to come back and buy him later, only to find him gone upon my return. I figured I'd probably see him again at retail and never did.

Years have gone by, and I couldn't even watch Return of the Jedi in that time without thinking 'Damn, I wish I had bought that Ephant Mon!' Sure, I could have chased after him on eBay, but that's just not how I roll.

"No regerts."
So when I found Ephant Mon at the flea market today I...walked away.


I saw him at the very first vendor as I walked in. The vendor is there all the time, with different stuff depending on whatever his sources are (my guess is that he generally buys abandoned storage sheds but who knows). Not always toys, but often, and he's generally fair (but not overly cheap). Still, I didn't think I'd get Ephant Mon for less than what he costs on eBay from this guy (especially considering the fact that Star Wars is a hot property now and most sellers are convinced everything Star Wars is gold again. And all the guy had today was Star Wars stuff.) I don't even know what Ephant Mon costs on eBay, but it's safe to say it's more than I am willing to spend.

I also generally hate spending money at the first vendor I see when I walk into the flea market. I always fear I'll end up a buck short when I find some real gold later in the day.

So I walked away, went through the whole flea market, spent a couple dollars, and hit the vendor on the way out to see if Ephant Mon was still there.

Obviously he was. And obviously he was fairly priced. When I asked the vendor how much his figures were, he said '$5 to $7', I picked up E.M. (he was on card but the card had been opened. But he's mint and complete so who cares, I was going to open him myself anyways!) and said 'would you take five for this one?' and the rest is history. (For those wondering, I probably would have passed on Ephant Mon at $7. I know I know, but at that point it becomes more about principle. And yes, I would have regretted passing on him. )

Geez, enough rambling. What about the figure?!?! Oh yeah, he's awesome. Massive and heavy, Ephant Mon comes with a cane and a vibroblade that plugs into the end of his cane or to his belt under his cloak. He only has one point of articulation at each shoulder and hip and is tough to stand (thus-far impossible without his cane to assist.) He also has one point of articulation at his tail, neck, and jaw, which is just too fun.

Ephant Mon is a beautifully ugly background character from the Jabba's palace scenes in Return of the Jedi. Not surprisingly, even though so many Star Wars characters have had thirty different releases over the years, Ephant Mon was only released this once back in 2002 as a 'Fans' Choice' figure (#3 to be exact). And it only took me fourteen years to find him a second time!


  1. I am amassing a great number of toy regrets, but a dollar can only be stretched so thin. The first one I recall is passing up on the Hasbro Unleashed ANH Han Solo. I saw him at Target but hadn't really purchased much in the way of SW since ROTJ and POTF (i.e. since I was a kid, and let's face it; my parents shelled out for those!). I remember thinking it was a really solid sculpt and pretty decent paint for the price point of $14.99. But, I didn't buy him. Of course, I never saw him again - and definitely kicked myself. I just got this figure recently for a similar price from eBay (plus shipping) and accepted the fact that he was opened. However, that was the only way I was getting him at $15 - open. Better open than not at all.

    Ok, my current tale of woe is done. Long of the short, don't pass things up. You'll regret it.

    1. Lol yeah, you can't own everything, space and money aren't in endless supply (sadly.) Glad to hear Unleashed Han has a happy home now, though :)

    2. What are you talking about??? I want to own ALL THE THINGS!

  2. Looks like you and 'Phant Mon were meant to be.It's different with me.Usually the figure I regret picking up,I'll go back for,and then regret going back for it.It just feels strange going back to the place you just left 20 minutes later.It gets stranger when the same check out person notices you've come back again....for an action figure.

    1. Oh yeah, there are plenty of 'shouldn't have' toy purchases in the regret file too!

    2. That's what eBay and forums are for. Regrets. Lol.

  3. Replies
    1. He's fast becoming one of my all time favorite Star Wars figures!

  4. He is a pretty wild looking dude Eric lol.