Who's the Bossk?

'You're not the Bossk of me!'
Bossk has always been a favorite OG Star Wars (Empire, to be precise) character of mine. His original Kenner action figure was pure plastic perfection; the mystery level of this lizard man in a flight suit similar to the Rebels, but on a Bounty Hunter, surpassed even Boba Fett's clouded origins, leaving him wide open for all sorts of imaginative playtime fun.

I'm sure the Star Wars novels have delved deep into Bossk's backstory by now, and I'm doubly sure whatever they came up with isn't as bad as Baby Fett, but I am currently completely ignorant of all that and unless someone can recommend a great book on the subject I shall blissfully remain so.

I lucked into finding this LEGO minifigure Bossk at the flea market last weekend, for a buck! One buck Bossk - Brilliant!

'My first name is Hugo. Hugo Bossk. GET IT?!?!?!'

LEGO Bossk is the only version of Bossk I currently own. I didn't hold on to my original Kenner action figures past oh, the fifth grade or so, and although I did at one time have a more modern version of Bossk (POTF or whatever it was branded as in the early 2000s) I purged most of those from my collection a few years ago. Regretfully, as I now have a 14 year old daughter who is mad for Star Wars! THIS IS WHY I DON'T GET RID OF STUFF!

Anyways, I keep expecting to find a Kenner Bossk somewhere someday for cheap, and really haven't actively pursued getting him via the standard means of eBay or asking around for a trade (is that a Bossk in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?). But if a LEGO Bossk has to be the only Bossk I have, there are worse positions to be in as a toy collector!

Now I need to build Bossk a LEGO spaceship. He's got some bounty hunting to do!

'I need you to find my brother Dumbo.'


  1. I guess the fact that its Bossk justifies the purchase.But dang,$1 for a Lego figure 😥

    1. Yeah, $1 is a sweet deal no matter who it is, and the fact that it's Bossk makes it that much sweeter!

  2. I would buy that Bossk for a buck lol!