Imaginext Batgirl and Batcycle

The Imaginext Batgirl with Batcycle is finally showing up at multiple retail establishments (I found mine at Target, and have read reports of her being found at bot Kohl's and Wal-Mart and a couple other places that sell Imaginext too.)

Batgirl is not perfect - the wall-eyed look leaves much to be desired. I am however quite pleased to see her in her current 'Batgirl of Burnside' costume. She has a lot of little details on her sculpt, which is great but also limits any likelihood of this figure being re-painted into any of Batgirl's other costume colors. Here's hoping this Batgirl figure is successful enough that we get fully re-sculpted Batgirl variants in the future!

Batgirl also has a double colored cape, black on the back and gold on the inside. Imaginext Robin is crying a single tear because he didn't get ANY cape, let alone a duo-toned cape!!!

The Batgirl figure's flaws are more than made up for by the near perfection her batcycle reaches.
This bike is solid and gorgeous, and includes a projectile bat missile up front. I can see this bike getting multiple re-paints and re-releases over the next few years, and being paired with Batman and Robin in different color schemes.

But most importantly, there is finally someone to match wits with the Imaginext Catwoman and Catcycle! Vroom vroom!


  1. Iv been watching for this one. Glad to hear its not exclusively at Target because I have no Target near me.

  2. Oh good you found it! I been hunting high and low for one for you and no where in my area has them or any other thing new for Imaginext.

  3. The Batcycle really is the selling point to this set! That bike is cool.