Batman Animated Ra's al Ghul

When the Batman Animated Ra's al Ghul action figure was first released I was conflicted. There had never before been a Ra's al Ghul action figure, so I figured I really needed him. But The Demon's Head action figure was clad in this non-canonical armor and not in his typical green suit with cape, so I didn't really like the look of the figure.

The need for a Ra's al Ghul ended up winning out, and I picked him up off the shelves and never regretted it. A later TRU four figure set did come out a few years later and it included a suited Ra's, so fortunately I do have a proper Ra's as well, but over the years this version has grown on me and I now think it's pretty great.

The armor isn't canon, but it isn't absurd or neon purple so I can dig it. He came with a cool sword and a lame projectile launcher, but the launcher is easily ignored and the sword is the right accessory to go along with an armored Ra's, ready for battle!

I believe the Demon helmet did appear in the cartoon, and it does look pretty menacing. I am a huge fan of masks/helmets for action figures when the work well with the figure, and this one does. In fact, even though I didn't like the armor, it was probably the helmet that pushed me back into the 'pro' camp for picking up this action figure. The helmet just looks too cool, fits snugly over Ra's head and can also...

...be flipped up to reveal Ra's stoic visage before he plunges that sword into the heart of his enemies.

While I prefer the later suited Ra's, I really love this al Ghul action figure and am happy that I got over my distaste of the armor back when I could pick him up off the toy store shelf.

There have been dozens of Ra's al Ghul action figures released over the years by now, but the first is probably still one of the best. It's also pretty amazing to think of how many Batman characters got their first toy release ever thanks to the Animated Series: Ra's, Harley Quinn, Clayface, Poison Ivy, Man-Bat, Talia, Alfred, James Gordon and the list probably goes on but that's all I can think of at this moment.


  1. If I had it I would probably paint the armor.

    1. It would probably pop with some paint and shading.

  2. First time I see this one with his mask.

    1. I am glad I bought him new, as I am sure that mask is easily lost from second hand examples.