Pocket Super Heroes Catwoman and Robin

I have a handful (or perhaps I should say pocket full) of these DC Direct Pocket Superheroes figures lying around Toyriffic Central.

They are basic and silly but charming in their own way. And who can resist a Silver Age Catwoman?! This one is probably my favorite of the few I have. for all the costume designs Catwoman has had over the years, this one may be my favorite.

I picked these figures up from the flea market many years ago, and my oldest daughter played with them for a while. I had actually forgotten that I owned Catwoman and Robin ans they had been stored separately from the other few I have at hand (Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Dr. Fate and Spectre.)

I'm a fan of all things Robin, so this one will have to be added to my primary Robin display now that I have dug him up again after all these years.

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