LEGO Disney Minifigures Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse

Folks are now finding the Disney themed LEGO blind bagged minifigure series at places like Toys R Us, Target and Wal-Mart among other places. In other words, anywhere LEGO minifigures are sold!

I like the concept of the series, but honestly I only wanted the icons Mickey and Donald (I of course need a Goofy now too, but I predict Goofy will be part of series 2 along with Woody from Toy Story, and both will utilize the longer legs.) I would also love to see a Roger Rabbit and Pinocchio! But for now, Mickey and Donald will do for me.

I tried to use my 'squeeze method' but with 18 figures in the series, and with Mickey/Minnie and Donald/Daisy sharing noggins, well, it's a hell of a slog. I finally googled the codes and found a nice guide on pop-critica.com and the codes worked perfectly for me.

Mickey and Donald are wonderful. Donald even comes with a duck tail piece! Sadly neither come with an accessory of any kind (unless you count Donald's hat, which is removable.) But they are not to be missed if you are a fan of these two cartoon superstars.

Also, a HUGE part of the fun of such minifigures is the head-swap with other LEGO minifigures:

"Haha, gee, I'm Bat-Mouse, haha!"


"Aren't you a little feathered for a Stormtrooper?"

"Huey, Dewey and Louie, I am you Uncle!"

"Hey guys!"


  1. I found these in WalMart but they only had 10 packs left out of 2 boxes. And none of them had the codes I wanted. Really looking forward to getting the Alice ones.