Funko Snuffleupagus POP! 2015 SDCC Exclusive

I did not make it to SDCC last year, nor will I be in attendance this year. However, my mother in law, who lives in San Diego, was able to procure for our family a 2015 SDCC Exclusive Flocked Snuffleupagus POP! last year. Barnes and Noble apparently sells some of Funko's exclusives at some stores in San Diego, so non-attendees still have access to them. She also sent me a maskless Captain America POP and an Ant-Man POP last year too, and I look forward to her sending along some goodies this year (I hope!)

Snuffleupagus is one of my all time favorite Sesame Street characters. The 2015 SDCC exclusive is a flocked version, giving him a nice fuzzy feel.

Snuffy is also appropriately 'over-sized' and is larger than the standard POP! figure.


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