Incredible Hulk :: World War Hulk

I originally posted about my Marvel Universe World War Hulk figure waaay back in 2011. But you probably don't remember that far back so here he is again.

I just love this guy. As if Hulk weren't badass enough, give the guy a sword and a battle axe and you've got one bad mamma-jamma!

I don't really follow The Incredible Hulk, but somehow over the years I have amassed quite the 3 3/4" collection of figures related to the Hulk. World War Hulk here, as well as Red Hulk, Abomination and A-Bomb.
Ironically this is the only Banner/Hulk I own of the bunch. There have been some pretty good standard Hulks in the Marvel universe line, but somehow they have all eluded me to date.

Someday I'll have to pick one up, but until then World War Hulk is my 'go-to' traditional Hulk in this scale, and that's just fine by me!


  1. I missed out on this one when It came out.Amazing detail on this one.

  2. I have this too thanks to Cal. Would love to trade it for a regular hulk.

  3. We own a World War Hulk figurine but not this one.