Mallah and Brain :: DC Infinite Heroes

I'm almost certain I once blogged about these two DC Infinite Heroes action figures: Mallah and Brain. But there's no evidence of them on the blog, so I must have deleted the post for one reason or another.

Having recently dug them out of storage, I figure it's time to look at them again (for the first time?)

The DC Infinite Heroes line was a real mixed bag. Some figures, like Hush and Jason Todd/Hush, as well as Mallah and Brain here, are pinnacles of the 5 POA (more or less) action figure genre. And some were just phoned in.

The line could have been so much more but...well...Mattel.

If I remember correctly, I had to make a trade to get the set that included Mallah and Brain (it may have been the set that also included a young Tim Drake Robin but it's been so many years!) Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) Infinite Heroes never got around to releasing their arch nemesises (nemesi?) The Doom Patrol. But I will forever have a gorilla in a beret and a robot trashcan with a glass-encased brain, so who am I to complain?!?!

Mallah and Brain are in scale with Imaginext figures too! Actually, if you want to get technical, I always figured Brain in the 6" scale, because the actual brain is about 6" scale. VERSATILE!

Did I mention that Brain has an 'action feature'? No I didn't and I know that, my memory isn't that bad! When you push on the brain, his jaw closes. I like to make him say 'Exterminate' because I can!

Mallah and Brain are two of my all time favorite action figures.They are simple, small, well sculpted, and great characters that are rarely seen in plastic.


  1. That's awesome. I didn't know they made them in that scale.

    1. Yeah Mattel likes to keep people from knowing about their toys . Not sure which school they learned that from but who am I to question it?

  2. I found Batman and power girl down here. This line could have continued. Wish it still would have.

    1. There were some great figures in the line for sure!