Mega Bloks TMNT Blind Bag Series 2 SLASH!

The Mega Bloks Nicktoon TMNT Blind Bag minifigs have already made it to wave 2, and the best figure of the bunch so far is Slash!

Of the two blind bagged series, I have thus far only picked up one from each (Raphael from series 1 and Slash from series 2). I'm trying to keep to my absolute favorite characters and have been lucky enough to find each series and squeeze until I found my needed figures.

Slash is pretty easy to find using the squeeze method; he has a huge torso with a spiky shell and you can double check for his mace as well to be sure you have the right figure.

Along with the Fully Disclosed Box TMNT 2 movie Casey Jones, I now have three TMNT Mega Bloks minifigs. They're all pretty cool, but I'm a much bigger fan of the classic toon, movie and comic versions of the turtles and their pals than of modern iterations, so it's been pretty easy to pace myself with these little things. I'd love to see Mega Bloks release some minifigs based on the classic action figure designs, that would be pretty Bossa Nova!

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  1. Nice! The "China" printing on the stand bugs me on these. It takes away from displaying it. Like you, I only have a few. Still on the fence whether I like them or not.