Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Multiverse Action Figure by Mattel :: Harley Qwednesday

Suicide Squad opens in a little over two weeks, and I have high hopes. Good, bad or indifferent, Suicide Squad will go down in cinematic history for bringing us the first silver screen live action version of Harley Quinn. That alone is reason enough to get me excited and make me want to own this Suicide Squad Harley Quinn action figure from Mattel's Multiverse line.

There's already a surprising amount of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn merchandise, from shirts to POPs to action figures to minifigures to high end collectibles. Hopefully Ms. Robbie delivers and vindicates the amount of money many of you have already shelled out for her likeness! Surprisingly I've only picked up this figure and the bootLEGO (so far.) If the movie delivers I'm sure that will change.

Speaking of likeness, this Multiverse figure isn't perfect. She looks a bit wall-eyed, and this was the best one of the five or so on the shelf. Others looked even worse. Had some of the others been my only choice, I would have passed.

Not sure if the wall-eyed look is universal or if I just found a bad batch.

Another problem with my figure is that her bat is squished and malformed. I was so concerned with getting a version with ok eyes I totally overlooked the bat in the store. So again, not sure if that's a problem across the board or if I just got a wonky bat. It's too bad too, because I got this version (instead of waiting to find the Toys R Us exclusive jacketed Harley Quinn) because if I end up only owning one, I wanted the figure with the bat.

Oh well, maybe it's dented because it bopped so many noggins.

Harley's profile view looks really good.

Her holster is a separate piece, but the gun is not removable.

Harley's shirt has a few 'tears' in it. Obviously this figure represents Harley later in the movie, after she's seen some action. And lost or discarded of her jacket.

I avoided the Multiverse line when it came to Batman v Superman, but that's because there was a more budget conscious $10 line which had the movie moment characters I desired. But I doubt the same approach will be taken with Suicide Squad, so I couldn't pass up on this figure when I found her.

Can't say I'll pick up any more of the Suicide Squad Multiverse line-up (except Katana because my oldest daughter is on a Katana kick lately) but if you pick up all the figures in the line you can build a Killer Croc figure. I won't lose any sleep if I don't complete Killer Croc, honestly I'm pretty sick of the BAF/C&C concept.

Those shoes! I can't believe I was able to get her to stand at all!


  1. Look up the LEGO Batman Movie. It features lots of references to the entire history of batman, and new designs of each villain, including Harley!

  2. The Multiverse line in general makes me grimace, and this figure is no exception.