Thomas the Tank...Raven?!?! Azarath Metreon Choo Choo!

I've known about the blind bagged Thomas the Tank Engine mini-trains for a while now, and the fact that certain DC Comics characters can be found therein. But only now am I finding them in my neck of the woods. I found four of them from the 2016 Wave 3 batch this past week!

Raven! A Raven train is just absurd and I love it. This is actually a train named Belle as Raven, according to packaging.

The blind bags are not only coded (Raven is number 61) but you can also see through them pretty well by moving the train inside up to the white part of the package. So the guesswork is pretty easy to work around on these things.

Flynn as Firestrom! Firestorm is number 60.

Victor as Hawkman. Hawkman is number 62.

Rosie as Supergirl. Supergirl is number 59.

These trains are ridiculous but irresistibly fun. They're off the rails! It's neat to see the broad range of heroes and villains (well, in this case just heroes) that have been released so far. You don't see much of Raven anywhere and Firestorm doesn't get much play either.

Some DC characters have been released in multi-packs, but I think the blind bagged versions can only be found in the blind bag series and aren't duplicated in the multi-packs (and vise versa). Blind bags are $1.50 each which is a fine deal for the size and for what you get here. Go get some!


  1. The all important question: is there a Harley Quinn?

    1. There is, from the first wave of blind bags. I'm going to blog about her soon! Had to get her second hand as I never saw the first two waves locally.

    2. This is the most absurd crossover ever, and I absolutely love it! I like Thomas, I like DC, slightly iffy character choices aside!