BOOM! Bring the NOISE!

In addition to all the two hundred and fifty or so other things I'm actively collecting, I've recently started a collection of Boomboxes, or Ghetto Blasters. I don't have anything terribly fancy or rare or otherwise incredible so far, because my prerequisite to adding it to my collection is that it has to be cheap and found in the wild. And have the cord. I ain't made of money and I am not about to spend fifty buck on D batteries!

Anyways, today I found a sweet Toshiba RT-8046 which is awesome in a handful of ways. First off, it's pink. PINK! Second, it's the exact model I had as a kid (albeit mine was black.) Third, it's complete with cable and battery cover (these are the two things generally missing from a boombox when you find them at a garage/yard/rummage sales.) It's in beautiful condition and works perfectly; and lastly, it cost me a dollar!

My collection started with this '85 Sanyo, which I found at the Goodwill last year. They announced over the loudspeaker '50% off electronics' and my wife said 'hey, go check the electronics section and see if there's anything we need' and dammit, I needed this thing! It was around $7 full price, so I got it for $3.50. It was then and there that I decided to make an effort to collect pre-1990 boomboxes. I have a third boombox that my parents picked up for me at a garage sale, but it's a 1990 model, so it doesn't count.

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