Say, you willing to take fifty cents for that Thunderbolt?

I found the Thunderbolt Yz at the flea market a couple weeks ago, buried in a kid's random pile of action figures. Unfortunately Johnny Thunderbolt was nowhere to be found. But hey, I got his Thunderbolt for fifty cents, so I won't complain!

Back during the Golden Age, Johnny Thunder would summon up his Thunderbolt by saying the magic word 'Cei-U', and the shtick was that he didn't realize he was saying a magic word when he did so. He would just say something like 'Say, you need to stop attacking the city, mister supervillain!' and Yz would appear and thwart whatever villainous drama that was occurring at the time.

Yz is one of the last unique JLU figures of the retail line, and was released in a multi-figure set that was probably a Target exclusive or something like that. He is cast in clear plastic, but painted with a pink fade. It's a neat effect, and Yz is a unique and cool Golden Age character to have in JLU form.

Say, you wouldn't know where I can find a fifty cent Johnny Thunder action figure, would 'ya?